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Oriel Systems specialises in the provision of innovative, Web/PC based, Telemetry or Remote Monitoring and Control systems and Vendor Managed Inventory solutions.

Telemetry products and services

Remote Telemetry Products

Remote Telemetry Products

Reliable, Flexible & Cost Effective Telemetry Solutions

If you use or need telemetry or tank monitoring solutions, you know that these elements are crucial. They are at the core of everything we provide:

  • Telemetry and Tank Monitoring Systems with proven reliability over a large installed user base worldwide.
  • The ability to connect to a wide variety of remote plant and equipment, existing or other suppliers telemetry equipment; meaning your original investment need not be thrown out.
  • Scalable – add to the system as and when your requirements change to provide either a small scale Telemetry or Tank Monitoring solution or a plant-wide system. You only pay for the size of system you need.
  • Quick and easy to install saving you manpower and labour, reducing start up costs and keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Our systems are used across a very broad range of industries because of their power and flexibility; industries such as Water, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas and Mining. Whatever your industry and however big or small your project, if you need a telemetry, tank monitoring or VMI solution that is totally reliable, scalable, flexible and cost effective – we can help.

Contact us on 01249 705070, email us or complete our enquiry form; our technical team will be pleased to discuss your application.