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We have developed an extensive range of reliable and cost effective solutions to cover all aspects of telemetry and remote monitoring requirements

Tank monitoring

Oriel Systems specialise in developing user friendly interfaces for more complex measurement and analysis functions to allow for trending and graphing of the collected data

Oriel Systems AWAX Mark 5 Outstation

Our flagship product is the Oriel Systems AWAX outstation

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If you use or need telemetry or tank monitoring solutions, you know that these elements are crucial. They are at the core of everything we provide:

  • Proven reliability
  • Scalable
  • Quick and easy to install
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Telemetry services

A team of experienced developers will analyse your requirements, develop a solution, test & deliver a working product and then give you the backup and support needed for the future


Our systems are used across a very broad range of industries because of their power and flexibility; industries such as Oil & Gas,  Water, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and Mining

Whatever your industry and however big or small your project, if you need a telemetry, tank monitoring or VMI solution that is totally reliable, scalable, flexible and cost effective – we can help.

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Remote video units

Our video streaming units are able to transmit video at various resolutions, from systems that have low to high network bandwidth

Intelligent Telemetry: The Mark 4 Outstation

Allows you to monitor and control plant equipment from a remote site

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Oriel Systems has developed an intelligent video unit that is capable of transmitting up to 8 live feeds (optionally with audio) simultaneously from your remote site over long distances using the internet.

You are then able to monitor and control the cameras remotely using Oriel Systems Awax telemetry software, while also monitoring and controlling other onsite functions.

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Inventory solutions

Manage your inventory remotely to ensure stock levels never run dry


We provide remote monitoring and gauging of ink, chemicals, fuels and other products in the printing, oil, fuel, gas, chemical storage and tank farm industries.

Remote Inventory Management and Vendor Managed Inventory solutions  are used to enable the supplier to remotely monitor current product stock levels on their customer sites. This ensures that their customer is always topped up with product thereby minimising their transportation costs by using a “Just In Time” delivery philosophy.

Learn more about the WebWAX system

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Other services


We can offer maintenance contracts to ensure your software and hardware is always at peak performance.

Should any issues arise we are fast to respond to fixes, customer support and advice.


We can provide training services on an ad-hoc basis to your staff.

Our software is designed to be easy to use so getting you up and running needn't take too long.


Oriel Systems has been developing Windows software since the early days of Windows.

A team of experienced developers will analyse your requirements, develop a solution, test and deliver a working product, make sure you are satisfied, then give you the backup and support needed for the future.

AWAX hardware

The Awax Vendor Managed Inventory Solution (VMI) is designed to provide remote data collection, monitoring and control in an industrial environment and is an open, flexible and expandable solution to the efficient monitoring of critical stocking levels at customer sites worldwide.